What is Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) ? Big Picture …

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


After the ringing of my alarm clock started me off a little harshly, the familiar and friendly woman’s voice of Susanne wishes me an good morning and ask how I slept. Somewhat sleepy inquire after my appointments this morning. Susanne reminds me of a Appointment in Frankfurt at our branch office. Friendly, but certainly reminds me of the prescribed exercise training. I look on my wristwatch, which shows my current blood pressure and blood count. indicates. Susanne is right. I would have to do something. Susanne and the alarm clock in my smartphone, which I put in after showering and dressing in the and hurry to the car. Turned to the cockpit of my car I’ll briefly explain my destination. Now I have time for a coffee and read relaxes the newspaper. My car steers independently on the highway.

On the way the car avoids a construction vehicle. It complies with the traffic regulations in an exemplary manner and nevertheless makes better progress than some human drivers who, stressed out, want to be faster with excessive speed, flashing lights and too short distances. People are chaotic systems, I still think. Then I ask Susanne to give me market profiles of our products, which she filters out with Big Data algorithms at lightning speed. Arriving at the Frankfurt branch I have the car parked independently. The semiconductor production in our plant is largely automatic. Special customer requests can also be entered online in sales.

The production then adjusts itself independently to these special wishes. Next week I want to meet Tokyo and our Japanese business partner. I still have to ask him not to put me in one of the new robot hotels. The last time I was there, everything went automatically as if I was checking in at the airport. Even in the reception a friendly robot lady sat. With simple service it will be a little more expensive. But there I am European “old-fashioned” and at least pull in the Private human attention before . . .

That wasn’t a science fiction scenario. These were AI technologies that are technically feasible today and are developed as part of computer science and engineering.

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